John Latell

My decision to work with metal was formed early in life . The event, as I remember it, was a kind of communion with the molten earth. I made a decision, then, based on the mysterious description of a man who lived in the foothills of Virginia. He was a blacksmith. Rural Virginia provided me plenty of opportunities to learn about life on a farm, peer into the vast sky at night, and explore the wild details of nature. The observations from those years contribute to my work today. As a teenager I hiked in the Canadian Rockies and lived in Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica. In Mexico, I apprenticed to an artisanal metal shop.

When I returned from Costa Rica in 1992, I found my way to the sculpture department at Virginia Commonwealth University. The fundamental concepts of studio art were formed in the two years I spent there, experimenting with various materials. I was compelled to integrate what I had learned about process oriented sculpture. I moved to Pittsburgh, worked in the arts community, completed many group projects, augmenting my interest in sculptural ironwork. I completed my degree in art from Carlow University and returned to Virginia to realize my original intent.

Today a range of work is being produced from a broad and fertile base. I have found generous patrons and a meaningful livelihood. Everyday I work to clarify ideas and materialize them in my work. I am fortunate to find great challenges and opportunities as a sculptor and metal worker. Ever diligent in my effort to nuance and inform a reluctant material, I find abundant opportunity. I look to meet viewers inclusively, contribute to an exciting dialogue and realize considered work.



Wicomico Forge pays attention to the process and looks for the most appropriate ways of realizing specific ideas.

Opportunities are abound in commissioned work and every project is an original. The expression of dynamic form is an exciting pursuit. The process of discernment suggests refinements that can be made in both physical processes and embedded ideas. Sound design does not always mean doing things according to established norms. We remain dedicated to a rigorous investigation of metalwork and embody an inherent flexibility in supporting a sustained growth in our enterprise.

Some key attributes that define both our process and product:

Attentiveness: The key to quality service  • Descriptiveness: From practical know-how to dynamic concepts  • Opportunity: An ongoing effort is made to keep pace with developments  • Dynamic: Sustained growth  • Attentiveness to descerningRefine: The dedication to meet clients vision • Sound design: An inherrant flexibility throughout the process  • Dedicated: Rigorous investigation  • Ambition: A rigorous effort is made to deliver quality.


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